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Velocity Clip Strong Helmet Strap & Head Mount Fits All Types of Hel

Velocity Clip Strong Helmet Strap & Head Mount Fits All Types of Helmets - Hats - Beanies - And Heads. For Snowboarding - Bikes - Skateboarding - and Motorcycles For GoPro
The stronger GoPro head mount allows for a more extreme hold. Typical head mounts are cheap, thin, and flimsy. Not this one, this one is built from materials 3 times thicker than traditional head mounts. This means the head mount is more stable for better video, stretchier for extending to multiple sizes, and stickier grips to ensure your camera doesn't fly off your helmet.
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Head Strap Camera Mount Universal for All Smartphones, GoPros, and Digit

Head Strap Camera Mount Universal for All Smartphones - GoPros - and Digital Cameras. iPhone 4 - 5 - 6 & Samsung Galaxy
Your one stop shop for mounting any camera on your head. Whether you want to utilize your iPhone, your point and shoot, or your GoPro, this mount is ready to go! It also fits on a wide variety of activities; strap it on your head, helmet, hat, beanie, and more. Adjustable angle of up to 180 degrees allows you the freedom to choose the angle you wish to shoot at. If you want to film your feet while skydiving, directly in front of you where your eyeballs are looking, and behind you while your friends are riding, this mount can do it all.
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Phone Head Mount GoPro Strap for POV Video Fits All Smartphones iPhone,

Phone Head Mount GoPro Strap for POV Video Fits All Smartphones iPhone - Samsung Galaxy - & Note
A stronger head strap mount that fits your Smartphones. Use any cell phone inside this head mount, and start filming all your adventures. Using your phone is much more convenient in certain situations than busting out an expensive action camera. If you're just going for a quick hike, making a quick how-to video, or riding around the block, use your iPhone for convenience and fast uploading. Use for longer and more rugged rides. The models with the "foot clip" mount will clip right into this head strap. This head strap is stronger and more flexible than the standard head strap.
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iPhone Head Mount Strap GoPro Style, Fits All Smartphones and GoPro Came

iPhone Head Mount Strap GoPro Style - Fits All Smartphones and GoPro Camera Models
The head mount is unique because it sees everything in front of you. Perfect for filming documentaries, how to videos, walk-through videos, etc. If you are planning to do POV action, you are capable of mounting this device over any beanie, hat, protective helmet unit, and lots of other variations. The strap material is designed to be stronger than GoPro. Because your smartphone bears more weight than the GoPro, we created this with extra strong fabrics that are both strong and elastic. Therefore this mount has no problem carrying other camera devices. Take full advantage of the fact that your smartphone has more capabilities than a traditional action camera, utilize all the apps at your disposal, and make sure to instantly upload your videos right away after shooting them. Either spend loads on an action camera, or spend a few bucks here and use the powerful camera already sitting in your pocket, your smartphone!
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GoPro & iPhone Ski Helmet Camera Mount For Action Videos, Works With

GoPro & iPhone Ski Helmet Camera Mount For Action Videos - Works With All Your Devices
This dual purpose GoPro & Smartphone mount lets you mount up all your devices to anywhere on your head, whether it be over hats, beanies, helmets, and more. In some situations, a GoPro is more suitable for your rides, such as lengthy mountain treks. But if you're just going down the hill a few time and want to share some footage on Facebook or YouTube, then it's better to just whip out your smartphone since your smartphone has the same capabilities as your GoPro.
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