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GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) (GoPro Official Mount)

Get a solid grip on your GoPro and keep it afloat better than ever before with the handlebar this floating hand grip gives you stability and control to get your shot, and the quick release base lets you switch between mounts with ease. Drop it in the water and the bright Orange end of the handle pops to the surface, making it easy to spot.

GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) (GoPro Official Mount) Features

  1. Comfortable, non-slip construction for a secure grip.
  2. Enables more stable footage than holding the camera by hand. Makes it easy to aim your camera and capture a bunch of different angles.
  3. Easy to switch between mounts with a quick release base.
  4. Keeps your GoPro afloat better than ever before so you can shoot in and around the water worry-free. Bright orange cap piece is easy to spot if you ever drop it in the water.

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