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DSLR Chest Mount Harness for all Digital Cameras compatible with all maj

NOTE; This mount is designed for light duty activity; walking, hiking, indoor/outdoor studio shooting, etc. You CAN use this mount for extreme activities, but that will require the user to add modifications for safety, depending on the activity. You can utilize the safety strap that comes with you camera as an extra measure of safety. During the most extreme activities, the weight of the DSLR camera will cause some shakiness. Be aware of the capabilities of this strap. The DSLR Chest Mount was designed for the busy photographer and video pro. Grab this mount, go for a hike, and always have your camera in the ready position to shoot. Having your hands free at all times is extremely productive. Angle your retractable LCD screen so you can simply peek downward and see what the picture looks like. This mount is all about convenience. Simply click in / click out mechanism, easily adjustable angles up to 90 degrees, durability supporting up to 15lbs, all at an affordable price. There's a 100 ways to use this camera chest mount. What's your use?

DSLR Chest Mount Harness for all Digital Cameras compatible with all major brands Sony Canon 60D 70D T3 - 4 - 5i series 100% universal Features

  1. You can use as a camera holder only, easily clip it in and out of the chest holder or angle it up when you're ready to start shooting. It's a great overall "holder" of your camera.
  2. The Chest rig is great if you are on a budget, this mount is under $50.00 and you'll find 100 uses for it. It's compatible with GoPro, all digital cameras.
  3. Designed and built for light duty use. Don't go and jump off cliffs or ride down rocky hills. This holder is designed to hold up to 15lbs comfortably. You can certainly do extreme activities with this mount, however the user will need to modify or add on extra safety measures. The best use for this DSL chest harness is walking around to capture POV footage, or film from the Chest angle hands free so your hands are free to direct movement, utilize microphones, and provide extra lighting.
  4. Fits all DSLR Cameras (Canon, Sony, Nikkon, etc.) Designed to hold the camera with adjustable 90 degree angle. You can easily use it as a holder, POV Cam, and more.

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