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3 in 1 Reflector Clip Clamp Holder with 1/4 Inch screw camera ball Swive

This is the little accessory that does it all. SublimeWare 3 in 1 Clip Clamp Mount. The Clamp Mount is a made of metal and acts as a great stabilizer for you DSLR, GoPro Cameras as well as your cell phone. The Clip Mount has a RAM/Swivel Ball joint on the top that can stabilizer your camera to countless different angles. Or you can simply use this clip to hang your reflector or backdrop. It comes with a GoPro tripod mount and phone tripod mount holder which can be used to hold your phone or GoPro Camera on of the clamp as a mount

3 in 1 Reflector Clip Clamp Holder with 1 4 Inch screw camera ball Swivel cold shoe holder pole bracket kit for Gopro quickclip for Gopro phone Mount iphone android tripod mount By SublimeWare Features

  1. [USE AS A CELL PHONE MOUNT CLIP] - With the Phone Tripod Mount Holder add on, you can attached your iPhone or Android phone and use the clamp as iPhone tripod mount or an Android tripod mount. This monopod mount cellphone holder is Compatible with iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S SamSung Galaxy S4 S3 or any cell phone with 3 inch wide body
  2. [USE AS GOPRO CLIP MOUNT] - With the GoPro Tripod Mount add on it can be used to screw on to the clamp's 1/4 inch screw and turn the clamp in to GoPro Clamp Mount with RAM Swivel ball movement along with GoPro Roll Bar Mount capabilities
  3. [PERFECT CLIP CLAMP MOUNT FOR STUDIO CAMERA FLASHES] - Attach your DSLR Camera with flash shoe mount and have it function as a flash clip mount on light stands, background support, sliders, tripods or boom arms. This stand clamp for camera can clamp up to 2 inch wide.
  4. [POWERFUL REFLECTOR HOLDER CLAMP] - Reflector stand clip, diffuser holder and backdrop holder which attached to any light Flash Accessories and with a standard 5/8" stud on the handle of clamp and a 1/4 inch screw tripod adapter

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